Hardly any material is as multifaceted as plastic. It combines hardness and stability with flexibility and lightness. Plastic can conduct electricity or provide insulation. It can be shaped and is also resistant, efficient and individual. In short: it is one of the most important materials of our time.

There are more than 200
types of plastic.


The material properties that can be selectively controlled. The material can therefore be adapted to suit its respective range of applications. With the systematic selection and combination of these versatile properties, we create the ideal application solution for your product.

Passion for plastic.

With each new project and each new challenge, we want to extend the limits of what is possible even further. Our developers work with you to create the optimum relationship between form and function. As well as maintaining control over key material properties, this process ensures an optimum balance between costs and performance.

in plastics.


Development and production of injection moulded parts and assemblies for medical technology applications as well as the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. No matter whether you require individual plastic components or complete assemblies – we ensure the functionality of the end product.

Plastic part
Small part
Plastic part
Plastic small part