For the most innovative movement systems in furniture design - and for you.

A few decades ago, movement systems for furniture comprised a small number of mostly metal parts. Today, a high-quality hinge system consists of more than 500 components - many of them made of plastic. They are at the heart of innovative functions such as damping, handle-free opening and three-dimensional adjustment options.

We ensure that these high-tech elements work equally as well after hundreds of thousands of movements as they did on the first day.

„Precision is always a weighty matter.
With parts of only 0.002 grammes, it is even weightier.“

Christian Fritz // Project Management


The perfection of the wheel.

The high-tech Nova Pro and DWD XP drawer systems are appreciated by furniture makers around the world for their outstanding, smooth running properties and tremendous load capacity.

This is achieved in both movement systems by our precision rollers. With a diameter of less than three millimetre, the rollers are small miracles of efficiency.

They ensure precise running accuracy, pleasant, smooth running and a consistently fluid motion, even under extreme loads.


Small parts for great advancements.

Hardly any industry changes the world as perceptibly as electrical engineering and electronics. These fields have repeatedly changed the way we listen to music, enjoy films and obtain information. They continuously boost traffic safety and have enabled a number of life-saving breakthroughs in medical technology. Plastics are of tremendous importance for this innovation capability.

Plastics extend the range of applications for electronic products, not only as constructional material but also as functional material.

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Household Appliances

Household Appliances.

The small things that move a lot in everyday life.

Continuously increasing product quality is the result of our fondness for looking beyond the obvious combined with our know-how in processing and combining different materials that has grown over the years. That quality has attraced a number of awards from B/S/H (Bosch und Siemens Haushaltsgeräte GmbH).

We succeeded in winning the „Q-Gold“ award for the highst product quality four years in a row.

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